Resource efficiency is a challenge that forces the building sector to widen its sustainability scope – from looking at the operational energy use, to consider the overall use of resources and the most important environmental impacts.

The Nornet LCA network is a platform for the Nordic research institutes and Nordic construction industry for the common development of innovative use of LCA in decision making in all phases of building projects. The network will help to create a better consensus on the LCA-methodology in the building sector and its use in strategic planning and design.

The aim is that the members in the network learn more about different methodological choices and their consequences, and feel more confident in using LCA as a decision making tool in their own organizations.

The network is active in Finland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden, with two Nordic meetings every year.



Nornet LCA in Norway

The Nornet LCA Network in Norway is coordinated by the Research Centre on Zero Emission Buildings, through its existing network of partners.

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