In support of life cycle assessments, the Danish Energy Agency has launched LCAbyg, an LCA tool. With LCAbyg you can calculate a building’s environmental profile and resource consumption. You enter information about the building components and possible building energy consumption. The tool takes care automatically of LCA calculations and compiles the results in a report.

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The LCA profiles for building contains both a catalog and a tool. The catalog will help counselors deal with general problems in design-related and strategic choices in sustainable construction, early in the design process. It is supported by an Excel spreadsheet containing the same data and can be used to calculate the environmental profiles for entire buildings.

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€CO2 Wood House Calculator

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The tool is aimed at estimating the carbon footprint of the structures of a wood-framed house. It is most suitable for early design phases. The calculator enables users to modify the background data and add own data from environmental product declarations. The background dataset of the tool is based on a comparative study of European construction materials (2013).

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The E-PASS energy performance assessment tool is an easy-to-use tool for the assessment of various refurbishment measures into the residential buildings. The user is supported to configure the modelled building easily in its “as is”-state and quickly apply a set of selected refurbishment measures to the “after”-state. The key performance indicators (kWh/m2, kgCO2/m2, operational costs, payback time) and the impact of the selected measures can be viewed in the same interface.

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Environmental estimator for building designs – ILMARI – estimates the environmental impact of a building design with the help of the IFC based quantity take-off and manually defined quantities. For a start, the user defines his/hers construction types with the service. The calculation uses background information about the potential environmental impacts of building materials.

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Klimagassregnskap. no


This is a free web-based model for greenhouse gas calculations for building and construction projects, made by Statsbygg. The model provides the ability to calculate the building’s carbon footprint or carbon footprint, one life-cycle calculation.

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