Nornet LCA workshops

Meet in the Nordic countries and discuss a better use of LCA with the Nornet LCA Network.

Nornet LCA has arranged four workshops in 2015-2016 in the participating Nordic countries. The workshops has been an opportunity for the network members to meet and exchange experiences and put questions on the agenda, for example on what new knowledge is needed about the effect of methodological choices in LCA. The workshops have also been an opportunity to learn more about the newest findings on the topic.

10 May 2015


At the first Nornet LCA workshop in May 2015 the network met in Copenhagen to discuss and learn more about LCA in the building industry in the Nordic countries.

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11 November 2015


The second workshop in Nornet LCA was held in Oslo in November 2015. The topic for the workshop was “LCA on buildings – Streamlining the process with custom made tools and understanding important factors”.

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12 may 2016


The third workshop by Nornet LCA was held in Gothenburg. The workshop focused on a compilation of knowledge from the Nornet LCA project in the area of building life cycle assessments.

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4 october 2016


The last workshop by Nornet LCA was held in Helsinki at VTT Technical Research Centra of Finland.

Focus for the day was “Building life cycle assessments in the Nordic countries: New LCA based information”.

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