The Nornet LCA network met on 11th of November 2015 at Sintef in Oslo. The topic for the day was “LCA on buildings – Streamlining the process with custom made tools and understanding important factors”.

Among others, Jan Olav Hjermann, SINTEF Certification, informed the network about why EPDs became so significant in the Norwegian building product market; a result of market request from public building bodies, private building sector, the public road and rail sector.

Diego Peñaloza, SP and KTH, presented the learning outcomes from a project that wanted a LCA in the beginning of the project – but did not have a design. It became clear that early screening LCAs can be misleading if you have too little information. The main thing an early screening can miss is all the possibilities of what could be achieved with life cycle thinking.

Different tools were presented, such as, ILMARI and LCAByg. How to get a harmonized and perfect tool was discussed, and the network concluded that at least the tools need to be transparent regarding the data. The network did also discuss the need for a database with EPDs for the Nordic market, but also the problems with the existing databases that sometimes have incorrect data on products from other countries.

Workshop agenda

The agenda for the workshop in Oslo.

Intro Nornet LCA

Presentation by Reidun Schalnbusch, Sintef.

nornet lca survey

Presentation by Reidun Schlanbusch, Sintef.

how did EPD:s become so significant in the norweigan building product market?

Presentation by Jan Olav Hjermann, SINTEF Certification

Low-carbon buildings: How representative are LCA results at early design stages?

Presentation by Diego Peñaloza, SP.

design for low-carbon buildings

Presentation by Tarja Häkkinen, VTT.

Mini CO2 houses in Denmark, using LCA/CO2 to measure different design strategies

Presentation by Freja Nygaard Rasmussen, SBi.

simplification with BIM standards

Presentation by Bjørn Brunstad, Standard Norge.

experience from finland: iilmari tool

Presentation by Mikko Tuomisto, VTT.


Presentation by Harpa Birgisdottír